Welcome to Sun Lakes Park Resort, Washington's favorite family vacation destination! Enjoy boating, golfing, fishing, swimming, mini-golf, Water Wars, time with family, basking in the sun, and more!

Conveniently located at the center of the state, we are just outside Coulee City, Washington and within Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park...

Policies to Protect Your Family During COVID-19

To remain in effect until further notice - last updated 6/24/2021

Please do not plan to visit Sun Lakes if you have been asked to quarantine or tested positive for COVID, if you have any symptoms and have not been tested or not received your test results, or if you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID even if you do not currently have symptoms.

Grant County is current in Phase 3 and Sun Lakes is adhering to the guidelines issued by the Governor's office, state and local health departments, and the CDC.

On May 13, 2021 the CDC updated recommendations that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask in most indoor settings. The Governor has announced Washington is following the same guidance. Therefore, Sun Lakes will no longer be requiring all customers to wear masks when using our facilities. We do ask that unvaccinated guests continue to mask up when indoors, and our signs will reflect this, but our staff will not be inquiring about vaccination status. Please do continue to social distance from other families.

Please do not plan to visit Sun Lakes if you are not prepared to adhere to general social distancing guidelines as well as our specific policies. This includes social distancing from other families as well as supervising children and pets to ensure they honor the space of other guests. Violators will be asked to leave.

Our protocols for our cabin accommodations:

  • Each cabin is left to air out for as long as possible between stays to reduce the probability that any virus could linger in the air. We will be using medical grade air scrubbers when possible to circulate and filter the air faster.
  • Housekeepers thoroughly clean and sanitize each cabin using a bleach water solution, a hospital grade disinfectant, and a disinfectant furniture polish. All touch points (knobs, handles, faucets, light switches, etc.) receive a second sanitization by our head housekeeper when she personally inspects each cabin.
  • Housekeeping staff change out their PPE and thoroughly wash their hands and arms between every cabin.
  • Clean linen exchange is available during your stay. Please do not enter our laundry facility. Our staff will speak to you through our window and send your linens out in a freshly sanitized basket.
  • All decorative throw pillows have been removed from our units.
  • Every cabin (including each side of the duplex units) has its own dedicated air conditioning/heating units.

Our protocols in the RV Park:

  • Each site is generally spaced out by 30 feet or more.
  • We recommend using the restroom in your RV if you have one. Each of our sites provides full water and sewer hookup.
  • We are accepting reservations for tent camping.
  • Public restrooms and shower facilities are cleaned twice daily. We continue to recommend using the bathroom in your RV or cabin if available, and wash / sanitize your hands after using any shared facilities.

Our protocols at the pool:

  • If you have COVID, COVID like symptoms, or have been asked to quarantine due to COVID, you may not use the pool.
  • In Phase 3, pool maximum is 40 persons inside the enclosure including water and deck area.
  • Per state guidelines under Phase 3, resort staff is required to monitor periodically and ASK patrons to leave if maximum occupancy is exceeded.
  • If maximum occupancy of 40 person is not followed, we are required to close the pool under phase 3 guidelines.
  • Please be courteous to other guests and limit your swim time so other registered resort guests may use the pool.
  • Please maintain social distance of 6 feet between family groups in and outside the pool enclosure.

Additional protocols and options for our guests:

  • Social distancing will be enforced in our facilities. Per the Governor’s proclamation, we are limiting access to our gift shop, reservation office, and store. Guests are expected to observe the appropriate six foot (or greater) distance from other guests at all times.
  • We encourage remote check-in and pre-pay so that you do not have to enter our office to check in or to check out. Call us to arrange before you arrive.
  • Staff who have not been vaccinated and have close customer contact will continue to be masked
  • We are sanitizing counters, doors, and other touch points very frequently. We recommend you use hand sanitizer and/or wash your hands after visiting any of our facilities.
  • We encourage you to bring food from Duke's Diner back to your cabin or site and ask that you please not congregate in the common areas.

All amenities are open and available with protocols in place.

We appreciate your patience as these new protocols may cause delays in service.

Please inquire at 509-632-5291 for more details or to make a reservation.

Discover Pass Info

No Discover Pass Needed!

We've had questions about the State Park's Discover Pass, which is required to use any State Park in Washington.

Although Sun Lakes is located within a State Park, we are a family-owned private resort and you do NOT need a Discover Pass to stay with us, or to visit the resort for day-use as long as you stay within our facilities. Our overnight guests are given a car tag that also allows you to travel to other areas within the State Park.